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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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could have you with us this is all to you live here muster top stories now syrian activists report more protest the deaths of the head of the red cross makes a humanitarian visit to the country meanwhile russia's urging the u.n. to get but warring sides into talks to avoid a repeat of libya's chaotic descent. israel authorizes its special forces to shoot at palestinian protesters as they prepared to march in support of a u.n. bid for independence sort of it was already jewish settlers in the west bank but claims the sole purpose is to prevent bloodshed. the gas impasse ukraine backpedals every threat of taking russia to court to force prices down moscow says
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it will stand its ground on the already signed deal and to meet you insist on a price reduction that is so far refusing to make any concessions for the top stories so far here in r.t. now for decades america and europe lead the pack in the global economy and. floundering much of the world down with them but not everywhere as well hears from india. with. the as an p. downgrade of the united states economy has varies in many questions about whether or not america will continue to be the powerhouse in the global economy and now the international monetary fund predicts that china will actually outpace the united states economy by twenty sixteen so how is all of this going to affect the traditional players and what is the impact going to be on the so-called developing world well joining me to help get some answers on all of this is mr monti ahluwalia
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i want to ask you is the second wave of the global financial crisis upon us i think what will happen is markets would be disrupted slightly moderate growth prospects for the card you're in the u.s. and maybe in europe but i don't see this as going back in time to meet and so where do we go from here who's going to fix what's going on in the world right now the world needs to. get together to work out what's the transition what's a reasonable transition in a word there would be more than one currency and we're the traditional reserve currency. of the movement in a country which doesn't have a very well balanced macroeconomic situation and is there a sense in india do you think that perhaps there could be a shift in the world order and. india could be somehow gaining
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from what's going on in washington there is certainly a shift going on in the world there's no doubt about that i mean any medium term or long term project from suggests that japan will go relatively slowly europe may grew a little bit faster a good problem the us has traditionally been viewed as a very dynamic economy it's like do the grew faster than europe. but the growth rate in these economies would be much less than the growth rate in emerging market countries i mean china india brazil so i think over time there is a shift in economic power taking place one is to asia and another way of looking at it is really the rising rate of emerging market countries but i think you're thinking of a world in which there would be a large number of relatively equal economic pains and you want to global system
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that can accommodate that it it can't be a global system which is run only by saying well look this is the center of power and everybody else must adjust and it's been said that europe has dominated the air national monetary fine and european is that part of the problem or at the wish i do think that the dominance of the industrialized countries of these two institutions has to change remember that as long as europe and the united states are together. account for almost half the votes in the army or from the world bank so even if you made a voting system they would be able to get their candidates in providing the collaborate with each other but you don't want to system where it's assumed that one organization will be run by one country and the other will always have european and how do you think all of that has affected the year us army and personally i think
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the world is going through some very important structural changes and if europe is showing signs of strain i think it's appropriate that the fund should do what is necessary but it's also appropriate that europe should be very very large part of the burden on the cost and that's what's happening because the i.m.f. is working collaboratively with the european central bank and on the world i think stability is very important for all of us and so far. they've done i think is the right thing but looking ahead as new sets of problems arise i mean there's always an issue. to fund must be not dominated by the concerns of any one palpable world trade be should be seen to be reflecting global interests and do you personally think that a euro is going to survive the creation of a single currency for europe was a pretty major and a bold and ambitious step i think is generally recognize that if you want to have
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a single currency it needs to be backed by a single fiscal fourteen now since euro zone is different countries they obviously don't have a single fiscal policy but to back a single currency they must have a very shared understanding of who's going to pay the bills if a problem arises that will become a substitute for a single polity i don't think that's been sufficiently clear i think in the first flush of. good feeling about the euro there was an assumption that there are a lot of benefits that come to european countries from having the same currency but not enough appreciation that there are costs and i think that's now everything so it's a challenge for europe how they're going to handle this tension in future i do feel that they need to be if you like bailed out right now because i don't think it's in anybody's interest to see a major financial collapse but moving ahead how do you stop the same four problem
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arising ten years from now it is very important for europe to have very clear rules of behavior how are they going to deal with fiscal crises. i mean what's going to be the rule of the european central bank in bailing out governments as opposed to the role of the i.m.f. so i think these are issues that the global community will have to look at and i want to ask you about china obviously china is the number one u.s. to get holder i believe they have around. three trillion dollars that you asked that in your opinion can they make the right decision and doing that it is true that the chinese have a very large holding to some extent if the chinese wanted to retain. parity with the dollar which was part of their strategy they would end up holding the dollar debts because if they didn't hold dollars there then essentially the dollar would depreciate. the renminbi would have appreciated so to some extent the chinese holding dollar debt is the other side of the corner of running surpluses
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but not actually appreciating against the pattern see if you're running a surplus which now you know that that period gave the word a lot of stability a lot of growth the chinese benefited i guess whether they made the right choice or not depends on whether be now addressed in a soft landing method rather than in a highly disruptive matter and it's in everybody's interests including the chinese of course the adjustment should be a soft landing do you think there is an answer a private. club or is there a currency as a major currency absolutely i mean look the united states is going to remain. the dominant country globally it won't be as overwhelmingly dominant as it used to be suddenly remain the largest economy certainly for another ten years the fact that the u.s. has free movements in and out of capital will still make it the trendsetter rather
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than the trying these economies the real issue is in future would people be willing to hold all their reserves in dollars and i was general rule if you've got four major currencies it doesn't actually make said store all your lives in one province so i think the in the past there's always been the assumption that other countries may address the u.s. currency become the sort of the standard of stability. that i don't think can remain true once you get a lot of other countries which have more or less similar size as the u.s. and in your ideal world who should raftery the global economy i think there is a lot of consensus around the world that the fund is the international institution that should be looking at these things and if there are governance problems or inadequacies in known representation in adequate amount of the newly
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emerging countries than those should be corrected and we should actually use this as the forum and obviously you know there is reshaping of the world economy as we've just got fed happening that's probably going to also cause fundamental political shift as well what do you expect to be from our point of view the rise of a number of emerging market countries will create a much more balance of the world economy amongst the countries that were earlier seen to be dominant it might create a greater awareness that you know they can't unilaterally decide the future of the world and certainly countries that earlier felt that they were not part of the political decision making now feeling part of the critical decision making i mean does democratize ation of the globe which should have positive effects because it will make these countries behave in a more responsible manner and it's been a lot of talk about rating agencies being unaccountable despite their political
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influence would you make these agencies more accountable if you could one of the fundamental areas of conflict are the rating agencies rate companies that pay them to rate them so you can generally assume that a company that pays a rating agency to a rating is hoping to get a good rating so there's a there's an element of conflict of interest if you're getting your money. from the people who are giving a rating. i don't find an easy way of solving this problem but i think transparency transparency in how the ratings are down and the track record is the only really that you're going to be able to solve the problem and the last question i want to ask is you know a lot of people are saying that investors are going to perhaps invest more in the of the emerging market if they start to look away from u.s. treasury bonds i mean what are playing commissions short term predictions for n.p.r.
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in relation to everything that's going on right now the big message coming out of how the global economy is moving as the industrialized countries are going to grow more grew more slowly whereas the emerging market countries are going too fast india's been growing for the last five years at about eight point two percent anybody who's investing and looking around the world if they find one market is growing a little somewhere between eight and a half or nine percent another market is going to grow a two and a half percent i mean they would be very well advised to invest in the markets that are growing so we expect on a medium term basis there would be it already is and will remain preferred destination for foreign investment people look at the global portfolio traditionally they've invested too much money in the industrialized world not having anticipated what the consequences of globalization are going to be so over time i think they should be rebalancing a little more towards the emerging markets and within that i think india would be
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a very good. all it'll certainly be an interesting to see how and here's affected by all of this i want to thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me thank you. melissa it's. really the latest in some instances going to some realms must say we've got the future covered. the least
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so. it's just so. smug.
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some stores are naughty syrian activists report more protests today as the head of the red cross makes a humanitarian visit to the country meanwhile russia's urging the u.n. to get the warring sides into talks to avoid a repeat of libya's chaotic descent. israel athol authorizes its special forces to shoot at palestinian protesters as it without a march in support of a un bid for independence and of it has already armed jewish settlers in the west bank claims the sole purpose is to prevent launching. the gas impasse ukraine backpedals over its threat of taking russia have to court to force prices down also says it will stand its ground on new already signed deal continuing to insist on
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a price reduction but it's so far refusing to make any concessions. or for me in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime the tensions here with the latest. thank you bill hello and welcome to the sports i think not the marquee the headlines together gets manford in the final preps ahead of tomorrow's zero twenty it's well all apply against ireland here in moscow the hosts need to win to some of the buybacks opposition in group b. . use open tennis and russia's top ranked player but as well that obama makes that alters the second seed is still aiming to have major title. and also he's ready to defend his belt but only top challengers are welcome they are recently crowned w.b. champion that xander is still uncertain about his next opponent. and the bill is
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where was start as russia gearing up to take a massive step towards erodes once as well qualification on tuesday the group leaders take on the second seeded republic of violence here in moscow is crucial for both as slovakia and armenia are also very much in the running russia is a full if it's called although it may feel that you're going to need some friends out for a suspension the hosts answer the time high spirits having beaten the irish three two in dublin last october. doesn't know who's playing for ireland even when they go under twenty one two. hundred percent always difficult to play against but we have something going to try to. be there as well and the. home game as well. meanwhile they're coming off a disappointing joy against slovakia because this anticipates often counsel wary defeats could bring their qualifying hopes to announce speaking only on monday striker robbie keane also brought on for a mystery to defeat lost him. you know she really is the man yourself before you
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know we have to concede too many goals so. we've learned lessons from the game against the russians you know in order to be taken into tomorrow's game so. i think we're fully aware and expected of what the russian is going to bring to the table. angle and they're also busy getting ready to their next qualifier against wales at wembley fabio capello's men top group g. standings without a not so falwell's bottom anglos were easy for a no win as their recent match last friday but that doesn't mean the hosts are a noncompetitive modes. mother with a tough game because that was playing everyone who watches the game for the players want to. create a lot of chances to score goals we played. a concert with his back at the top of the food and the really dangerous trip to. tennis and the u.s.
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open now where battles are not always set to face them out of stocks or in the water bottles and second seed beating sabine lisicki to set up that meeting whilst also held off another russian body. so i don't i moved all of official sale today with sixteen away doesn't just eleven unforced errors this is a struggle to match the pace losing per sets with these and a similar story in the second with the light over closing out the six two six three victory mate's australian style service beaten her in savile not that my meetings. where i was able to raise the level of writing. matches really have. started off well as i didn't like her for her in the first then she started to stand in the second. to. break. much wolf. on the men's side of things russian involvement is now
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oh but you get a call needs and the last ball going down to gilmour of luxembourg and around three defending champion of the development while had an eventful day at blushing meadows and itself to our forty minutes in counseling the midday heat seeing the world number two take care of argentina as they did down seven six six one and seven five seven five how it ended up to rafa and solve all through to the full stage where he meets miller for a place in the last eight. or york song though to stall on the dolly in the interview room afterwards john is watching on as rafa grabs his leg with cramps slowly stretching out before collapsing on the floor and also off the words it was really hot and it was just bad luck that the brain sprang up in front of the cameras instead of in the changing rooms. now a much more straightforward afternoon for fellow title hopeful and simmering to school balance sheets and food wrong in the six one six four six to win over to the
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sound a lot as a clash of the last sixteen again surprise spectrographic and wildcard donald young now awaits. the stores was one of the that's a good girl. you know where you can get. them except for the service on the us from. those areas. but it is important for those who love to don't want to see this very important what you don't want. you know really for a. story to recovery. i want to have the weight boxing where the newly crowned w.b. world champion alexander. today found the belt against any top challenge russians been speaking to reporters in moscow this month the forty nine year old american forward great heavens are wholly felt as among those who could reportedly go off
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against targets in the most likely candidate is the reigning undisputed champion ukrainian avoids the miniature w.b. regulations to day that the championship belt should take place within the next eighteen months meaning both sides have quite some time to prepare. certainly we're thinking oh the fight with each goal with before it takes place our team needs to take a few more steps forward and examined it wants to get more champions experience and we're all willing to create better conditions for such a big event because the aim is to hold this vote here in russia. in rugby the australian school they're off to neighbors new zealand with four days left before the world cup kicks off on the ninth of september it will be hoping to add to their previous titles which they'd back to ninety ninety one and ninety nine to night they get things started against easily on sunday hundreds of fans gathered in downtown c.t. earlier on monday to say goodbye to the two time world champions special moment for
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coach robbie deans with the kiwi aiming to break the world now back to australia secure the still be a challenge but we're up for that very ready for the boys have been ready for it. for a few days of their. training has been going to. new zealand. and finally twelve year old body on the one of us who hopes to find yourself in the guinness book of records as she's become the first girl on the fifteenth to bench press an incredible seventy eight kilograms which is part of it has the story. she hasn't even entered her teens yet money on the now mother is already a sensation around the russian powerlifting scene the sixth grade school kid has a reception with a dozen world records and a sport that she took up completely by accident. i have already been bench pressing since i was ten i went with my dad to competition and during
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a break i decided to try and there the bar weights twenty kilos and i managed to live to four times and i saw this and said i should train as this is a rare feat this is the striking thing about mariana it's a scale to sell for forty kilos but no one would ever of guessed that someone so slight in build will be able to lift one and a half times her own body weight however size isn't everything and she's able to lift girls who are much heavier or she's been recognized as a world leader in the fifteen and under age group. and yet there is no secret behind my success my father trains me which i really like the coaches are really good and some of the best around they have trained a number of champions i'm one of them and i think they have played a big part in my development this pricing is not only big discipline at the moment so money on a doesn't receive any state funding one of her options is too late to change the
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weightlifting however such a young age no more is content to keep her options open and a farmer alexander who was also a professional branch pricer his weight lifting has its pitfalls. which of the world's weightlifting puts a lot of stress on the spine and on the knees a weight lifter can only really look to compete in the till they are twenty five to thirty because injuries will take their toll you don't have these problems with bench pressing money on his extremely confident for a twelve year old still leads a relatively normal my future in school but she says the boys do pick on her mainly out of jealousy which takes all this in her stride and she believes her amazing feats can be a message to everyone that anything is possible if one puts their mind to it. i would like to be an example for both adults and kids that if they see me in the gym they will want to follow suit money and has made some amazing achievements in her
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career so far our aims over the next year also are to try and bench press in excess of eighty kilos and given her rapid success and dedication one wouldn't bet against her achieving this speeds and setting yet more records richard i'm totally fancy moscow. that said for now bell will bring you the news headlines right after the wedding. culture is that so much but here's money coming in to c.n.n. it will be. so for the rates during the great financial contraction millions lost their jobs and all but the rich of only gotten richer should the rich paid. worldwide manhunt for him lasted for fifteen years. one million new mobile or it was promised for his country. political miss murphy of the west.
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materials or minister. general of the serbian army. about my age here. on our chief.
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